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RT @PHONEQUEST: @muyinteresante recomiendo ir al @mibamuseum q ahí podéis pedalear las calorías n la máquina d vending a pedales inventada por @Pep_Torres

RT @desdelsofa: expo dels GRANS inventors #CordemariaSabastida gràcies a @mibamuseum esteu convidats! 14dejunyde 9-10h #creativitat http://t.co/50OX5cNECS



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The Inventor's Box

The Adventure of inventing has finally arrived at School!

An interdiscuplinary program about Invention, creativity and entrepreneurial culture of educational centres.


More information at:


Una experiència per a tothom


Guided tours for kids & their parents to get a unique experience in the world of invention & creativity. Let them participate in our monthly drawing contest! Maybe your kid is the next inventor of the future...


We truly believe you are capable of making real whatever you have


in mind; perhaps an invention, a business or maybe just going

around the world in a balloon. This museum is just an excuse to

convince you to do so.


Miba has designed an specific plan for schools through its Educational Service


Just curious to know more about the Miba and its origins? Then come in and get to know our invention collections in four different areas, the surprising creative corners, the innovative shop and of course our friendly and helpful staff.

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The shop

Ideas to take away!  The miba shop offers a selection of the museum’s top inventions as well as unique items and limited pieces from all over the world.

Creative Gifts!


Do you have an invention which you would like to exhibit in the miba? Contact with NADINE@MIBAMUSEUM.COM